When you are serious about saving the planet a second hand shop is the best option for purchasing those necessary items for the kitchen and general household. The past holds many good ideas and creates a feeling of nostalgia which most of us long for.

When looking for collectables try asking me first. I generally can find what you are looking for even if it is not in my shop. I have a wide range of beautiful china made in England and our very own vintage Australian made china which you would have found in your granny’s flat.

Also available vintage fashion as well as our own label made here in Forrest by our artisan Jen Farthing. Made from durable fibers such as stretch wool and cotton mixes these clothes will last and keep their shape as well as look flash.

If you love crystals our own Earth to Soul creator of beautiful rock and feather designs will delight you with her ethically sourced feathers and gems.

We also sell hand made jewelry from our local jewelers Julene Cook and Irish Sean. Julene specializes in opals and Sean in silver smithing.

In many cases we are cheaper than the op shops and have many customers who will travel kilometers to buy antiques to style their homes.

So drop in when travelling in the Otways and see five rooms of retro, antiques, collectable and one of a kind items all under one roof.

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